We have been very fortunate to collaborate with some great breeders in Europe and bring frozen semen from several lovely dogs to Canada. 

Please contact us for more information about our dogs, upcoming litters and our plans for the future.

 We are proceeding cautiously with plans for 2021 .  Two of our girls were bred in April and we hope to have puppies in early and mid June.
The Spanish Water Dog is a breed with significant requirements for socialization, training and exercise and owners must be committed through the Pandemic restrictions and into the future.
We will carefully select the appropriate mate for each of our girls in order to preserve and highlight the strengths of this wonderful breed.
     *Health clearances include OFA Hips,Eyes,Thyroid and DNA testing for PRA, NAD andCHG. 
   *Puppies are raised in our home using the "Puppy Culture" protocols and are vigorously socialized.
*All our puppies are only placed in pre-approved homes. We are especially seeking homes that are interested in participating actively in a variety of dog sports and activities.
Please be aware that we do not contact prospective owners when puppies are available, but rather hope that you will stay in touch if you are committed to purchasing a puppy from us .  
Our puppy placement application can be found at this link:


We are located in the southern Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada

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